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Immigrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Immigrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is home to a diverse population of immigrants, including refugees, asylum seekers, and economic migrants. Many of these individuals have fled conflict, persecution, or economic hardship in their home countries and seek a better life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The largest group of immigrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina are from neighboring countries such as Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Kosovo. Many of these individuals are ethnic Serbs or Croats who moved to Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s.

There are also significant numbers of refugees and asylum seekers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, particularly from the Middle East and North Africa. The majority of these individuals are fleeing conflicts in Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Many of these refugees and asylum seekers are living in temporary accommodation centers or are stranded at the country's borders.

Finally, there are also economic migrants from other countries, such as China, Turkey, and Pakistan, who come to Bosnia and Herzegovina seeking employment opportunities.

Immigration is a contentious issue in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with some groups calling for stricter immigration policies and others advocating for greater support for refugees and asylum seekers.

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