Immigrants in Guatemala

Immigrants in Guatemala

Immigrants in Guatemala

Guatemala, like many countries in the world, has a history of immigration. In recent years, Guatemala has experienced both emigration and immigration, with many Guatemalans leaving the country to seek better economic opportunities and safety, while others come to Guatemala for similar reasons.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), there were an estimated 78,000 immigrants living in Guatemala in 2023. The majority of these immigrants come from neighboring countries such as El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, as well as from other countries in the region like Mexico and Belize.

Many immigrants in Guatemala work in the informal sector, often in agriculture, construction, or domestic work. They may face challenges such as discrimination, exploitation, and limited access to healthcare and education.

Guatemala has also received refugees and asylum seekers from other countries, particularly from El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua, who are fleeing violence, persecution, and other forms of insecurity in their home countries.

The Guatemalan government has established policies and programs to support immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers, including providing temporary residence permits, facilitating access to health and education services, and promoting the integration of immigrants into Guatemalan society.

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